Biomechanical "The Empires of the Worlds" Review

This is the sophomore release from metal masters Biomechanical. On this album these guys unleash 14 tracks of what I would call “pure metal without compromise”. These guys deliver a form of metal that is hard to find nowadays. The amount of different sounds/styles of music that you find on this album is amazing, without straying away or irritating the listener. Vocalist John K has such a great vocal range that at times sounds like that of Phil Anselmo and Geoff Tate. Musically the band has a more thrash/traditional sound that is combined with a mechanical/industrial at times. This is definitely one of those bands that puts fresh air into into a sometimes stale metal scene. Overall this is a great album and by far one of the best bands to come into the metal scene in the past couple of years. For fans of Pantera, Iced Earth, Nevermore, and Judas Priest!

-Daniel Damnation