Amok "Effective Mass-Torture Promo 2003"
Apocalyptic Visions "Doomsday Device"
Arsis "We Are The Nightmare"
Arthritic Foot Soldiers-"Immature Nobodies"
Azure "King of Stars...Bearer of Dark"
Baby Stab Horror-"In The Name of Satan"
Begin the End "The Stain of Creation"
Beheaded Zombie-"Happiness For All"
Biomechanical "The Empires of the Worlds"
Blackhand "Long Road To Nowhere"
Blasphemer-"On The Inexistence of God"
Bonded By Blood-"Feed The Beast"
Borknagar "Origin"
Burn in Silence "Pure As Your First Day"
Carbomb "3 Song Demo"
Celtic Frost "Monotheist"
Cerebral Effusion-"Impulsive Psychopathic Acts"
Chainsaw Dissection "Corpse Fixation"
Chrome Division "Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll"
Coathanger Abortion-"Dying Breed"
Code of Lies-"The Age of Disgrace"
Cohol "Crying of Humanity On the Liturgy"
Comatose Vigil "Not a Gleam of Hope"
Created To Kill "Monarch to the Kingdom of Death"
Cult of Daath "The Grand Tortures of Hell"
Cystic Dysentery "Demo 2003"
Darktrance-"Beyond The Gates of Insanity"
Dave Neabore: Paura-Remembering Lucio Fulci OST
Decapitated "Organic Hallucinosis"
Deeds of Flesh "Crown of Souls"
Deicide "The Stench of Redeption"
Divinity Destroyed "Eden In Ashes"
Divinity Destroyed "S/T"
Divinity Destroyed-"Death of Glory EP"
Downtown Brown "S/T"
Dream Evil-"United"
Drunkard-"Like Sin Explode"
Ea-"Au Ellai"
Eaten Alive "Demo 2005"
Eigh8t The Chosen One-"The Artist Radio Won't Pay and the Industry Won't Let You Hear"
Ektomorf "Outcast"
Embrace Damnation-"Glory of a New Darkness"
Engaged In Mutilating-"Population: Zero"
Epica "The Divine Conspiracy"
Eternity Void "The Torrents of Devastation"
Evil Incarnate "Waiting For His Return"
Evile "Enter The Grave"
Exmortem- "Nihilistic Contentment"
Exodus "Shovel Headed Kill Machine"
Exodus "The Atrocity Exhibition"
Exterminator "Slay Your Kind"
Flesh Gallery "Tombs of Sorrow"